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If you're thinking of hiring a private bartender for you wedding, it is a great idea. Private bartenders can add a lot of fun to your reception. But how do you find a private bartender? Well, there are several companies who provide this service, so all you have to do is find one of these companies and use the tips in this guide to pick the bartender who will be a great fit for your reception. This is a simple process, of searching for companies, narrowing down that list, and making your final choice.

This process will start like most for choosing vendors. Begin by finding out if your wedding venue offers bartending services or if they have a company they work with exclusively. You should also ask if your caterer provides bartending services. Once you determine if you will definitely need to hire you own bartender, start with jotting down a list of bartending companies by talking to anyone you know who might have recommendations and by searching on line. Be sure to take notice of reviews of both companies and individual bartenders to see if they seem to be a good fit for your wedding reception.

Next, narrow down the list. What bartenders are available on the date or your wedding? Are they quick to respond to your inquiry? Even if a company if available on your date, if they take several days to return a call or email, they might not be the best choice, so keep that in mind. Once you've narrowed down the list, you're ready to move on to the next step.

You will need to schedule a meeting with the bartenders that are still on your list of potentials. When you arrive to the meeting you should have a list of questions prepared. The list should include the following questions: How long have you been bartending? Does your company carry a liquor license? Is your company insured? Can you make all of the most popular drinks? Do you make custom drinks? Will you bring your own supplies? Will you bring the liquor? Are you willing to travel? Have you bar tended weddings before? What is the largest event you have tended bar for? It is important that you hire a bartender who has at least two years experience dealing with private parties. It is not necessary that they have many years experience, but the more experience the more likely you are to receive good service.

At this point, your list should be narrowed down a few options. At this point, really look at things like cost and what's offered for the money. If you feel a bartender will best meet your needs for your wedding the last step it to hire them. When hiring them be sure you go over all of the details. You should explain to them the date they should be present, the time they need to arrive, and what they should be wearing. Depending upon your preference, they may need to be dressed formally or possibly causally. Discuss the gratuity. If the gratuity is not included in the final cost, who will provide it? You can ask that your guests tip their bartender or you can personally take care of the gratuity. All of these points should be clearly outlined in the contract provided by the company. As always, carefully read the contract and don't hesitate to ask questions, and don't sign anything until you are completely confident in the decision to do so.

There are plenty of amazing vendors to choose from in Orlando, so you'll surely find plenty of bar tending options when you start this task, and if you follow the steps we've outlined here, you'll have no problem finding the perfect fit for your wedding! If you're starting now, check out some of our favorite local vendors listed below!

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