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Wedding Calligraphy

Opting for custom-made calligraphy wedding invitations is a wonderful idea. Calligraphy invitations are beautiful, and they offer wonderful keepsakes for you and your guests. When it comes to searching for a calligrapher, the process is similar to searching for any vendor, but there's a couple of things to consider beforehand. However, if you follow the steps in this guide, we think you'll have an easy time finding the perfect calligrapher.

First, keep in mind that calligraphy is an art that is done by hand, so this time-consuming task cannot be put off until the last minute. Even if you're not yet sure if you can work hand lettered invitations into your budget, it's a good ideal to call a few calligraphers and ask about turn around time so you can get an idea how early you'll need to place an order should you decide go this route Typically, about a month is enough time, but is can vary by calligrapher based on the amount of invitations you'll need and their individual work load. Obviously requesting 500 invitations, envelopes, and reception place cards will require more time than 100 invitations, so be realistic about your planning time line and expectations! Some may offer rush services but this is likely at an extra charge.

Once you've decided to move forward with searching for a calligrapher, you'll want to begin by jotting down some local calligraphy artists. You can begin this list with a web search for recommendations from family or friends. You can even visit a local stationary shop and ask if they have a list of local calligraphers. Once you've gathered a list, do a bit of research on each calligrapher - visit their websites to view samples of their work and what styles, colors, and card stock they offer, and search for on line reviews, which you can often find on wedding vendor specialty websites. Check reviews for key points, like the quality of the work and if they deliver the finished product within the agreed upon time frame. If you notice a calligrapher has complaints about sloppy work or completing the task days week late from several clients, it's probably best to cross them off the list.

Now that you've narrowed down your list to reputable calligraphers that offer the style you like, it's time to make some phone calls. When you call, make sure you have the relevant information ready - How many invitations will you need? What colors do you want? Are you looking for invitations only or invitations and envelopes? Do you also want place cards for the reception? How soon will you need the invitations? Based on this information, the calligrapher should be able to give you a general idea on pricing. At this point you can cross off anyone who is outside of your budget.

Once your list has been even further narrowed to those who are within budget, you can set up meetings. At this meeting, you should be able to view samples of their work and discuss, in detail, what exactly you're looking for. It might be a good idea to request they create an example invitation for you. Have a general idea of the type of script you'd like as well to be sure it's an option - some calligraphers can style any script while others specialize in certain styles. By the end of the meeting you should know what to expect from them in regards to style, color, script, cost, and time frame.

After you've meet with the calligraphers, hopefully collected some example invitations, you can decide upon your favorite. At this point, you can contact them and officially place your order! If you are having envelopes addressed you will need to provide your calligrapher with a list of your guests and addresses. Having calligraphy invitations custom-made is a great idea. Calligraphy wedding invitations offer for a wonderful keepsake.

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