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Wedding Candy Buffets

Over the resent years candy buffet tables have been showing up everywhere from birthday parties, to baby showers, and even wedding receptions. If you're considering offering a candy buffet at your wedding reception, it is a great idea. Now, you could attempt to make your own candy buffet, but unless you have experience and an exceptional eye for detail you should leave it to the professionals. That's where this guide will come in handy. We'll let you know what to look for when searching for the perfect vendor for candy buffets.

A candy buffet can be customized by design to match the theme and colors of your wedding, and by flavor to offer your favorite flavors! A properly executed candy buffet will act as a lovely compliment to both the food and decor. To find the perfect company to provide the candy buffet for your event, consider a few things - how many colors of candy do they have available? What styles and sizes of jars are offered? Does the company offer any other planning services or will they coordinate with your planner? What is the cost of their services? These are all important considerations.

To start the search for local candy buffet companies, an easy place to start is the Internet, but if you know anyone who has recently featured a candy buffet at a wedding or birthday, see if they would recommend the company they used! Make a list of the companies and remember, it comes to on line searches, make sure to be diligent about checking reviews and only include companies with overall positive feedback. From this first list, you can call around to inquire about availability and see if they can give you a ballpark figure on cost. Start making appointments with companies who have the necessary availability and are within budget so you can go over what you want, and check out samples of both their candies and design work.

Before you go to the meeting, determine how you want your candy table to look, or at least get some general ideas. Decide on a color scheme and what types of candy you wish to feature on your buffet. If necessary, you should include a few diabetic-friendly and vegan options for your guests special dietary needs. You may also want to incorporate some of your own vases and dishes for a personal touch, or you can leave that to the buffet maker. These are all things to discuss at the meeting.

During the meeting, find out of the vendor is able to meet your needs - whether it's having a specific color and flavor of candy, or offering a variety of candy to meet any dietary restrictions of you or your guests. You should also ask to view their portfolios so you can get an idea of their style of work and determine if it will be what you have in mind. Viewing their portfolios will also give you more inspiration for the look of your buffet table. The vendor should also have samples available for you to try - after all, it's important that the candy is good! At this point, discuss cost of service and other important details. If possible, get a copy of the cost breakdown or sample contract to take home and review and compare to what you receive from the other candy buffet vendors.

Once you have viewed sample tables, portfolios, and costs, you can decide upon your favorite buffet maker. The final step is to hire them for your wedding. You'll be glad you opted to offer a candy buffet, which is both a compliment to your reception decor and a tasty way to say thank you to your guests for attending your wedding. We hope you've found this guide useful and that you'll have the candy table that you envision for your big day!

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