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If you are planning a wedding you have probably realized that you will need to hire a company to provide some or even all of your event rentals. Event rental companies provide things such as tables, chairs, tents, dinnerware, and much more. In some cases, your reception venue will have tables and chairs, maybe even dinnerware, or in some cases the catering company will supply the dinnerware, but many times brides and grooms will rent their own. There's also things like linens, lighting, and antique decor that you can rent from such companies.

To begin the process, determine exactly what items you'll need to rent on your own. First, find out what your reception hall provides, if anything, and if they have any vendors they work exclusively with for tables, linens, etc. Find out if your caterer supplies the plates, serving utensils, silverware, and glassware - most do, but if you really want to rent your own some will work with you. Some caterers will also supply coffee for the end of the evening, and sometimes the hall will offer this service. Find out where all of these supplies will come from and make a list of the items you'll have to rent. This list might include previously mentioned items, as well as things like vases, floral arrangements, signs, vintage furniture, card boxes, miscellaneous decor, place card holders, dessert display, custom lighting, tents, chair covers, photo booths, and more. Once you have a clear list, you're ready to search for rental companies.

Some companies are multi-service, while others only specialize in a few items. It's always easiest if you can find a company to supply all of the items you need, but this isn't always an option. When you do your research, be thorough checking what each company offers, and compare prices. If a company offers tables, linens, lighting, and floral centerpieces, but another company offers lighting and floral at a much lower price, it might be a good idea to split your needs between both companies to save yourself the money. To determine if this is a good idea, consider the quality and service of each - perhaps each offers good quality product, but the more expensive company will also set up and take down the lighting and arrangements while the cheaper company might just supply the items. Depending on your needs and budget, either would be a good option. Some couples don't mind doing the set up/take down on their own, but sometimes with the hectic schedule of weddings, the service is needed. (If you're unsure if you'll need this service, keep in mind that if you rent an item with a tricky set up (such as hanging lights or large tents) and damage that item in the process, your contract will likely hold you fully responsible for the cost. In these cases, it's wise to have the company set up.) However, if you find that one of the companies provides a lower quality lighting or if one of them does offer set up/take down service but with poor custom feedback, you'll have to take this into consideration as well.

Hopefully after this process you'll have a list of companies that can provide the items you need with the service you need within your budget. The next step is to go view the products in person before you make any final decisions. You want to look for quality when viewing the products, they should not be cheap, broken, or overused. Pay attention here, as a company isn't going to display any broken items on the website you viewed, even if they still rent them out! This face-to-face meeting will also give you a chance to meet who you'll be working with, which can sometimes make or break your decision. After all, would you be willing to use a company, no matter how great the quality or price, if the staff is rude and difficult to deal with? Again, some couples don't mind this as long as they get the product and price they want, but others would prefer to steer clear. At the end of your meetings, you should be able to decide which companies will best fit your needs and budget for the various items you need to rent.

The final step is to book your favorite company for your wedding. At this point, the chosen company will provide you with a contract and will require you to provide a signature and down payment. This is standard practice and should be expected. The contract should clearly outline the rental items, any applicable services, and exact prices for each as well as dates and times. The should also address the course of action should any of the items be damaged or broken during your rental time. Typically, you will be responsible for all costs of damaged items. As with any contract, you should carefully read and fully understand a contract before you sign your name. Don't hesitate to ask for clarification or point our mistakes, and never sign any contract you disagree with or do not understand; this tip applies to any life situation in which you are required to sign an agreement and goes far beyond wedding planning.

We hope you've found this Event Rentals Guide useful and that your wedding planning goes smoothly! If you're searching for event rental vendors, check out our favorites below!

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