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Wedding Jewelry

Choosing jewelry for your wedding can be very exciting. It can also be difficult. You want to be sure you get the best quality your budget will allow. Every bride will have a different preference, and different pieces will go with different gowns so consider your gown color and neckline.

Before you get to choosing the perfect pieces, you'll have to find a jeweler. Begin by making a list of local jewelry stores by asking friends and family or checking on line. The store you choose will likely depend on your budget and personal taste but it's important to consider the experiences of others in regards to customer service, quality, and selection.

Now that you have created your list call the jewelry store and schedule showings, explain your budget and what types of pieces you are looking for. When you arrive to the store, they should have an array of pieces that fit in the budget you have for you to look at. Hopefully before visiting you've had a chance to do some research on the different types of styles, cuts, metals, and stones. Wedding jewelry is typically simple, as you do not want your jewelry to take the focus away from your dress. A simple necklace or a stud pair of earrings is enough. You can also wear colored jewelry as long as it is still simple and will match your gown. However, if you've chosen a simple gown, you might be able to pull off an extravagant necklace or earrings. You will probably wear your jewelry again so you want to be sure you are picking quality items.

Now, while you're at the jewelry store, consider the options offered and pay attention to the experience you're having. The jeweler should listen to you and be considerate of your needs. A good jeweler will do their best to make sure you are satisfied and they cater to your needs. When you are picking a jeweler keep in mind that you are creating a lasting relationship, hopefully. It should be an established jeweler. Ask how many years they have been in business. Ask about the services offered with your purchase. A good jeweler will offer annual cleanings, free of charge. They will fix any bent metals, or stones that have fallen out, they will re-size your ring if necessary. When working with a reputable jeweler they should have extensive knowledge. They need to be able to answer your questions with confidence.

Ideally, they'll have suggestions on what pieces will best accent your gown. If you have room in your budget, consider hiring an appraiser to help you determine what the jewelry is worth and if you are getting a good deal. If a store constantly attempts to get you to purchase outside your budget limitations then you'll know to cross them off the list, this proves they are would rather empty to wallet one time instead of providing proper service to customers.

When find the a piece of jewelry you are sure you really want, don’t rush into the decision. Continue to look around. All of the jewelry stores want you to spend your money with them not a competitor, chances are if you spend some extra time looking you'll see the same style or exact same piece at a discounted price elsewhere. On top of that you very well may see something you love even more!

Now that you have looked around, and found what you want for your your jewelry, it's time to buy. We're confident that if you follow the steps in this guide and make a careful decision, you'll find the perfect jewelery to wear for your wedding!

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