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Choosing a makeup artist for your wedding can be a tough task, like most aspects of wedding planning, but it's certainly a fun task nonetheless! Sometimes it can be hard to know where to being, specially if you have never hired a makeup artist. To choose the perfect makeup artist for you, you'll have to consider a few things, which we've outlined in this guide to help make the process go smoothly!

To begin, you'll want to cultivate a list of artists or salons to call. You can start this list by getting word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family, or checking on-line reviews. If you have a favorite salon, call and see if they offer makeup services. Pay close attention to review and on line portfolios to start. Based on reviews is the artist consistently prompt, friendly, and good and what they do? Based on photos or on line portfolios, is the artists style something you would wear? Or do the photos appear to show noticeable problems like mis-matched foundation? Your list should include viable options, with positive customer feedback and a portfolio that showcases great skill.

If you prefer to take a look in-person as opposed to on-line, or if you're following up to your initial list, go ahead and visit the artists at their salon. When you arrive be observant, and take note of how the artists interact with the clients and if they are making sure to use clean tools. Ask to view their portfolios, as viewing pictures in person will be a bit different than when you view them on a computer screen. Have a list of questions ready! Some things to ask might be where they learned to apply makeup, how long have they been doing it, and how many weddings have they done in the past? You might also have other questions, such as what type of makeup they use if you have any allergies to certain ingredients, or if they'll be able to work with your personal make up. Another important consideration is to ask if they makeup artist will travel to you or if you'll have to go to the salon. Having them come to you is very convenient and makes for one less stop to make on your wedding day, but this is not an option that is always available, so definitely take that into consideration.

The next is to schedule trials with the makeup artists. This is incredibly important, because the makeup artist will do your makeup in the same way they will for your wedding, so be clear about what you're going for and be sure to voice your concerns if you're unhappy with anything, voice your opinion. A good makeup artist will not let you walk out feeling unsatisfied. After you have received trials from each of the makeup artists on your list you can choose your favorite. A make up artist may require you to sign a contract prior to working with you. This is typical, and you should expect the contract to provide a full review of services. It should outline the makeup artist's obligations to you, and your obligations to them. Read it thoroughly, inspecting each detail, and be sure that you never sign a contract that you do not fully understand or agree with! If you're unsure of something within the document, don't hesitate to ask questions or request clarification. The makeup artist should be willing and able to explain it to you in detail, and the contract should be clear as to the date, time, location, and cost of all services with a detailed breakdown.

If you follow these steps and are sure to consider different artists and choose based on your needs and preferences, you'll surely find enough artists to choose from within your budget. You're wedding day makeup will be just what you've pictured! There's many talented artists in the area, and you can view some of our favorites are shown below!

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