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If you are planning a honeymoon or a destination wedding you should hire a travel agent. Travel agents are great because they allow you to relax while they deal with the stresses of planning your vacation. They will find your hotel, get your plane tickets, find you a rental car. They even handle the small details like purchasing your tickets for the museum, making your dinner reservations and so forth. In addition, they typically have access to various deals and discounts not available to the general public. We created this guide to give you some tips and advice on choosing the best travel agency for your honeymoon or destination wedding needs!

To begin, you'll want to find the right agency or agent. If you're planning your honeymoon, this task is as simple as looking for reputable and affordable agencies, whether or not they offer specialized honeymoon packages (although this will depend on your preferences). However, if you're planning a destination wedding, we think it is imperative that you specifically look for agencies that specialize in the necessary services! Planning a destination wedding will take a lot more coordination and effort - how many guests will be able to afford the trip? Will you be reserving a block of rooms at one hotel for your guests or allowing them to decide on their own accommodations? Will you be staying at a large resort where the ceremony and reception will take place? These are all things to consider and experienced agents will make this process much less stressful on you! Keep in mind that you want to find a local agent where you can meet at an office - there are many agents who operate through the Internet, and we strongly suggest avoiding those agents. It is important that you have a face to face relationship with your agent.

Once you have found an agent call and schedule your first meeting. Before arriving there are some things you will need to determine. Figure out where you will be going, when, how long you wish to stay, how you wish to travel, and your budget. Consider some activities you would like to partake in. When you arrive to meet your agent for the first time they will ask you a lot of questions. They do this to begin outlining your vacation. A good travel agent will listen to your needs and do their best to accommodate you. You should hire, your agent a few months in advance so they have time to properly plan your trip. You need to be reasonable. If your agent tells you something is out of your budget do not become upset, simply ask they find something else within your budget.

We hope your destination wedding and/or honeymoon are everything you dream they will be! There are many amazing travel agents in the local area, and many of them offer the necessary services for planning important events like weddings and honeymoons. We hope the advice here will help you find the perfect agent for your wedding!

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