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Offering valet parking at your wedding reception offers a certain elegance to the event, before the guests even step inside! Sometimes the venue will offer valet parking, but in other instances you will need to look into hiring a private company to provide this service. If that's the case, we hope you'll find this guide helpful as you navigate the process of finding a valet company.

The way we suggest you start this process the way you should start any process - making a list of vendors to reach out to. But first, be sure to check with your reception venue to see if they offer the service or if they have a private company they work exclusively with. If you're able to search for and choose your own company, start by checking on line reviews or asking friends and family if they suggest a certain company. Be diligent in checking reviews and only considering companies with positive customer feedback - You do not want to take any risks with your guest's cars.

Now you're ready to call the companies on your list. There are several questions you should consider asking them, beginning with their availability on the date of your wedding. Have an idea of the length of time you'll need their services for, as well as how many guests you'll have (to determine how many valets will be necessary), as these are likely things they'll need to know to give you a pricing estimate. Ask about the experience the valets have, and ask about their driving records. When hiring the company you need to be sure that the valets are experienced and have clean driving records, so if a valet has been in an accident or has various tickets you should not hire that company. They should carry general liability insurance as well as garage keepers insurance. If anything were to happen to your guest's car the company should be responsible for paying for the damages. Ask about pricing and gratuity. If the gratuity is not included in the final cost you can ask your guests to tip their valets or you can personally tip your valets.

Once you've narrowed down your list to reputable companies that hire drivers with clean records and carry the proper insurance, compare the pricing vs services offered for each company. Hopefully you've received sample contracts or a detailed breakdown of the costs. This should help you determine which company to hire for your wedding. At this point, the company should provide you with a contract for services. As with any contract, read it carefully - It should be written to protect both you and them, and clearly outline the services to be rendered. If you need clarification on any of the stipulations don't hesitate to ask - you should only sign a contract that you understand and are comfortable with.

We hope this guide will help you choosing a valet company for your reception. If you follow these steps, you should have an easy finding a great valet company. Having a valet service assist you at your wedding is a wonderful idea. It allows your guests to park without any issues. It will help keep the parking area organized and your guests car safe.

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