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Orlando Park Outings

Florida is known for a lot of things, including its great theme parks! From Busch Gardens to Walt Disney World to Legoland, Adventure Island, Rapids Water Park, and of course, Universal Orlando, and everything in between, Florida is never short on things to do! We suggest adding some luxury transportation to these outings!

The perks of using one of our party buses for your trips are great. You'll have a much more relaxing day if you're being driven in a spacious, comfortable party bus than you would be cramped in your car for a long drive - you'll be able to enjoy a few drinks on the way to or from the park - and you'll be able to easily accommodate large groups if you're going with all your friends or the whole family! We service all over Florida.

Doesn't matter which park you plan on visiting. We can take you!

Here are some tips on planning your event

Good planning is important for any event, and trips to Florida theme parks are no exception! To make the day go as smoothly as possible, you'll want to make sure you have a few details figured out. You'll, of course, need to know the date you want to go. Next, how many guests will be coming with you? We offer party buses that seat anywhere from 15 to 42 passengers, and prices vary, so you'll definitely want to get a head count before you call us! It's also advisable to have a backup date in case the size bus you'll need is booked up for that date. This way, we can quickly and easily schedule your backup without you having to call each guest and figure out a different date! We do have a large fleet, so this isn't an issue we expect you'll have, but it is a planning strategy to think about!

Next, perhaps the most important thing you'll want to know is how will you pay? Are you going to cover the costs up front and collect money from your guests at a later date? Or will you simply put down the deposit and have all the guests pay their portions to the driver on the day of the event? Either way is feasible, but we do suggest collecting payment from your guests as early as possible to avoid any mishaps - the last thing anyone wants is to have their portion of the costs ready to pay on the day of the event only to have some guests cancel and cause their shares to increase!

It's also helpful to have an itinerary for your day. While any schedule you give your chauffeur does not need to be set in stone, it is helpful to everyone to have a general idea of what the day will be like. Do you want to be dropped off at Disney World at 9 am and not picked up until the evening? Or do you plan on staying only for a few hours and then getting on the bus to have a few drinks and head to the beach? It is helpful for the driver to have an idea of the events planned, but it is in no way necessary for you to provide!

you have any questions about our policies or would like helpful tips on event planning with us, just give us a call!

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